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Diego Molina a top baby photographer in New York City. Our studio has captured beautiful children, babies, and maternity photography in NY metro area. To schedule a visit to our baby photography studio in NYC studio in NYC call us today!

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New York City Baby Photographer

NYC Baby Photography – Childhood is one of the most iconic stages in life, there are so many memories to build and so many moments to capture. Baby photography covers these stages by catching all those moments and keeping them forever. When you see a picture of your children as babies, the image brings you back to that specific instant, it is truly inspiring.

Professional Baby Photographer in NYC

Professional baby photography have increasingly become more attractive to young families, the demand for professional photography has grown considerably over the years. Finding a local-based studio that offers competitive prices is a must these days. Diego Molina has emerged as one of the most sought after baby photographers in New York City Metro area due to his exceptional skills and years of experience in the industry. He is the go-to-guy when it comes to documenting the lives of the little ones through vivid and heartwarming photos.

What to Expect During the Photoshoot

Baby photography sessions are planned around feeding and nap time. Your baby should be comfortable during the session and breaks are taken as needed. There are instances when the baby is too distracted so you may need to help the photographer to draw the baby’s attention your way. It takes a lot of coordination between the parents and the baby photographer to make the session run smoothly. We don’t want the little one to get upset or become cranky at some point. Hence, the photo shoot is all about patience and expertise. Nonetheless, it is a very rewarding experience to both parents and baby photographers as they document through photos how the cute babies grow and show more personality and gracefulness.


We have the experience and expertise to capture your baby portraits. Our talented professional baby photographer will work with you during your baby photography session to achieve the best results.

NYC Baby Photography Studio

Our baby photography studio has being photographing cute little girls and handsome young clients for many years. Depending on the season, the best newborn photography sessions can be done outdoors in sprint, summer and fall or at our newborn and baby photography studio.

NYC baby photography

Photographing babies in NYC is the best job, great locations, the best baby stores, and good food for our young clients. New Yorkers enjoy a good professional photography.

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