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Our studio offers a wide range of services including custom baby photography, newborn photography, & NYC children photography. Diego Molina specializes in classic and creative child portraiture.

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Diego Molina is a talented NYC children photographer, baby photographer, family photographer and father of two beautiful kids.

When I’m capturing children photography, I have no choice but to think of my own kids. To capture childhood images is priceless, let alone look at them as they grow older. Child photography goes way beyond school and playground photos. Shooting lifestyle pictures allow me to capture the unique essence of each child. If your kid is into fashion, the photo shoot can signal the start of an exceptional portfolio! It’s all about letting children photographer interact with kids and let them express. Diego captures your kid’s personality exactly as they are, letting the child be a child. I try to make it really fun for them so there are less posing and more playful shots. I also constantly work with parents to get images that reflect their children’s characters.

Children Photography NYC by Diego Molina

For family photographers in NYC, location is an integral part of child photography. Most of my professional photography sessions with kids are done outdoors so I can capture images with vivid details. When you schedule your child photography and want to do it outdoors, let me know especially if you have a place in mind. It could be a park that is familiar to your kid(s) or somewhere they feel comfortable. I usually choose early morning or right before sunset if it is outdoors. For the younger kids, it is wise to work around nap and feeding times. You know your children, including the time of day when they are at their best. You can also book your session at out welcoming studio. We can bring the studio to your home or the location of your next event.

Children Photographer NYC

As an NYC children photography, We all dream of our child being someone really important when they grow up. How about ensuring they have great pictures when they were little? If you engage the services of a professional children photographer, you’ll have photos that can turn back the hands of time, if only for a moment! Kids change and grow every day. They develop and mature by the minute. By hiring the right child photographer, you can capture special moments in time which will allow you to remember your bundle of joy through the different stages of life!


Fine-art NYC children photographer

children photographer nyc

children photographer nyc

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NYC Children Photography

With children photography sessions the element of surprise is always there especially in New York, NY. You’ll never know what you’re going to get! Each session is about 1-2 hours long. I usually start by talking to the kids and joking around with them to get their trust and to make them feel secure. This way, I get an idea of what moves and motivates them. Expect to have fun, so your kid does too! Bring a couple of outfits so you get the best of your investment. Be prepared for less “cheese” pictures and more photos that highlight their true personality. The images of your kids will become priceless treasures for you and for them as well, especially when they grow up.  Lifestyle NYC – Diego Molina children photographer, understand kids and their personalities and know how to interact with the young super starts.