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Newborn photography and baby photographer in New York, NY. After waiting for a few months and my wife maternity photography session in Bryant Park, NY.  We were blessed this summer with the birth of our second child. This time around, a baby girl! Being parents of a boy, we secretly wished our next child was a girl. When we learned we were granted that wish, it was an indescribable joyful moment! I love photography newborns, there are so many inspiring ideas and newborn props. Everyone loves baby photos they are so cute and loving.  To view more newborn pictures,  follow our blog

Newborn Photography New York & Studio Photography NYC

Planning her newborn photography session was fun. We knew we wanted some shots with her Big Brother so we convinced him to pose for a little bit with her. Although he has been a wonderful and has shown no signs of jealousy, somehow her tiny hands and rapid movements represented some kind of funny threat to him, hysterical! The first few days are ideal for newborn portraits, they sleep so peacefully it is easy to move them around.It is not a simple task though! It requires a lot of patience and expertise. It is all about capturing their very original features that quickly change within the first month of life. We are thrilled to finally share these shots! and to Welcome to our very own princess.

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Newborn Photography, New York & Studio Photography in NYC

Our NYC Newborn photographer, offers baby photography and maternity photos in NYC. We have been capturing timeless family portraits since 2008 contact us today to book your newborn & maternity photography.


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