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Diego Molina Photography is one of the best maternity photographers in New Jersey, specializing in pregnancy and maternity boudoir photography the entire Northern New Jersey area, Hudson County, and Bergen County. Pregnancy is the time where mommies look their best and that is only one of the reasons you should book your maternity photography.

Best Maternity Photographers in NJ

As one of the best maternity photographers in NJ, Diego Molina  “it is rewarding to make so many families happy photographing their maternity and newborns”.

Maternity photography has gained popularity in the last few years not only because of what it means but also for the great value these pictures bring to the families. Although it has existed for decades. For demand for professional maternity, photographers are growing. Maternity photographers are getting more creative and implementing fashion, beauty and lifestyle portraits in expecting pictures. Thanks in part to new Moms embracing their pregnancy and being proud of their baby bumps. Pregnancy photography is important for new parents and those who have done these pictures can give testimony of their beautiful images. Maternity photography documents a big transformation in a woman’s life. It is a unique time on a woman’s existence that has to be captured and converted to a beautiful tangible memory.

I usually ask my clients to get inspired by my recent maternity photography posts or to visit websites such as “maternity photography ideas”. You can also find the best maternity photography on Google or Bing Images, under “maternity photos or “maternity photography ideas“ to find creative ideas. If there is a special image that the client wants to try, I am happy to do it. Most clients want to include Daddy and siblings in the maternity photo shoot. Lifestyle family photography sessions produce amazing images. It serves to make the big brothers or sisters be a part of the process and get excited. Either with a boudoir maternity photography or with traditional maternity photosdocumenting your pregnancy through stunning pictures is a most, Let our maternity photographer capture those moments.

Where to have the Best Maternity Photography Session?

For maternity photography sessions indoor vs outdoors? Either option is fine, it depends on the ideas Mommy has for the pictures. Studio maternity photos are convenient in the sense that Mom may feel more comfortable having the privacy for more intimate poses. On location pictures offer versatile backgrounds and of course, natural light.  HobokenEdgewater, Weehawken, North Bergen, Union City, Fort Lee) and NYC. If need some suggestion for locations to have the best maternity photos, we can always give you some hints to get you the best places.

When to get your Pregnancy Pictures?

For pregnancy pictures, I usually recommend taking pregnancy photos at the 7th-month mark; if Mom is carrying twins, at the 6th-month start. At this time, Mom is still energetic and glowing!. However, once you are showing a belly and feel that the time is right to take your maternity pictures, just go for it. It is never too late to get your pictures done, I have done maternity photos 2 days before delivery! While possible, book your session with time, there are many things to plan for your upcoming Newborn.

NJ Maternity Boudoir Photography

Not many people relate maternity boudoir photography with pregnancy photos. These types of pictures portray a classy intimate side of pregnancy and allow Mom to feel sexy while pregnant. Many celebrities have contributed to this trend by posing for magazine covers and many women find this inspiring; some Moms prefer boudoir maternity photography, for their maternity pictures. By using the right lighting and outfits, these pictures can be done tastefully. If you are not sure you feel comfortable doing boudoir photos, discuss with your photographer the possibility of doing at least a couple, you’ll be amazed by the images.

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