Wedding Tips for the Bride To Be

Tip for the fiancé: she already said YES to the proposal, now it’s your turn to say YES to everything. Don’t upset your bride-to-be unless is really necessary.

Tip for the bride: give a break to your fiancé once in a while; he is not going to be involved in every single decision.

You are Engaged, Now What?

Be ready to hear all kinds of suggestions. From very traditional to more modern advice on how your wedding should be, or how your dress should look like everyone has a say. Don’t go crazy, it’s still your wedding, your special day. All the final decisions should be yours. But remember to listen to the different suggestions and be sensitive to the feelings of those around you. Knowing how to negotiate will save a lot of tension through the planning and will make the process more gratifying.

Start Early

Make a list! Planning ahead always pays off. Follow your own check list so that the day of your Wedding all you have to do is enjoy your Special Day. Organization is key. If you are planning your own wedding buy a journal or follow one online; have a weekly/monthly action plan. Don’t try doing everything at once. Start with the most important stuff (Venue, Set the day, Dress, Guest list)


If at all possible, stick to your budget! You are doing this for yourself and not to impress anybody else. There’s better ways to spend that extra money. Honeymoon anyone? Believe me, you are going to need it after all the craziness that a wedding entails.

Guest List

One of the most difficult tasks is to narrow your, your moms and your in-laws guest list. Sit down with your fiancé and set some type of criteria that would help you with the decision. For example: not because they are Facebook friends you have to invite them to the wedding.

The Help

Use all the help possible. Don’t try to take all yourself, utilize your bridesmaids, groomsmen, family members and friends; a little help will mean a lot on your wedding day.

The Vendors

Make certain you pay all your vendors in advance. Put everything in writing, including all details discussed. Review and sign all the necessary contracts. Remember these things are booked way in advance. There is no need to add this worry to the day of the Wedding. It is not a bad idea to confirm with all of them before your wedding day. Keep all their contact information handy just in case.

Make Up & Hair

Try out hair and make-up in advance. Please have a make-up bag handy for retouch on your Wedding Day! A backup lipstick is not a bad idea. Remember you are the center of attention; you must look wonderful at all times. Don’t forget to pack hairspray!

The Gown and Bridal Shoes

Bridal Gown, Bridal Shoes. Here is where brides usually spend the most. Make sure your final fitting is far enough from the Wedding Day that alterations can be made in time. You should walk your Bridal shoes around the house so you are comfortable through the whole day. Have a spare pair, it’s your party and you better dance all night long!

The less people you take to your Wedding Dress appointment, the better. Do your homework before visiting the store and have an idea of what you are looking for.

The Photographer

This should be one of your important investments. You have read “A picture is worth a thousand words” many times. Guess what? It’s true. Your Wedding pictures will bring you back to your Wedding Day along with memories that you thought you didn’t have. It’s all you have in print after the Wedding and what you will show to your kids and grandkids one day.

Feel comfortable with your Photographer. Book an engagement session; most photographers will give you a discount if you book your wedding with them. Talk to your photographer about the kind of pictures that you want. Do you prefer a Traditional Style over a more contemporary style?. Do you rather have your Wedding Pictures as Photo-journalistic? . Chances are, if you know what style you want and let your Photographer know, you will be satisfied with your investment and be proud to show them to everyone.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

Don’t make arrangements for the bachelor and bachelorette party the day before the wedding, you both have to look your best the day of your wedding. If possible do this a week or two in advance. Stay away from trouble you’ve seen “the hangover” movie.

The Final Week

By now, everything should be booked and ready. Take this week to reconfirm and double check with your vendors. Any final details should be solved this week.

Find out from your venue how early you can drop essential items, such as your favors, place cards etc. It would save you precious time and give you piece of mind. Even if it is a day before the Wedding would help.

Take at least a day off from all this planning! Pamper yourself with a mani/pedi and why not a spa visit! This is in preparation to really focus on enjoying your Wedding Day. Under no circumstances overdo your tanning.

Plan ahead for your honeymoon, you should be packed at least a week before. Remember this is not a regular vacation where you can throw three things on your bag and go. Pick your outfits!

Your Wedding Day has arrived!

Hopefully you have made a schedule or a checklist for today so you don’t run late to any of your appointments or forget anything. Get a good night sleep and start your day early. You’re going to need someone to handle the calls and assist around. The Wedding Photographer for instance, is going to need specific items (rings, dress, program, etc.) and all those things that you spent so much time gathering to start documenting your Day.

Please don’t starve! You don’t want to faint in the middle of your ceremony. Stay away from carbs, they will make you sleepy, there is no time for a siesta today.

Eat healthy, keep yourself hydrated. You will enjoy great food at the reception; after all, you picked it. Have your emergency bag handy, and remember to utilize your helpers, most of the day you will have no cellphone and no purse.

Tip for the groom: Show up Early! and take it easy on the drinks throughout the reception. Make your wife happy, start today.

This is your day and you should appreciate every moment. Give your Photographer additional time and attention; it will be worth it, promise.